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WeFund Health and CureLab Oncology, Inc. announced a partnership to provide comprehensive support of the international clinical trials on a novel anti-cancer immunoncoloy agent in four types of terminal cancer.

CureLab Oncology, Inc. is a Boston-based biotech start-up leading in the area of DNA anti-cancer therapeutic agents. The company lead product, Eleangen, is a patented DNA product that changes tumor microenvironment making tumors more sensitive to immune- and chemotherapy. Elenagen successfully passed phase I/IIa clinical trials demonstrating high safety and promising clinical benefits. As the next step, CureLab Oncology begins phase II clinical trials in partnership with N.N. Alexandrov National Cancer Center of Belarus applying Elenagen as an adjuvant to standard chemotherapies in terminal cancer patients. The randomized case-control study will include 160 patients with terminal triple-negative breast cancer, platinum-resistant ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, and inoperable stomach cancer. Phase II shall be completed within 36 months. After the successful completion of the study, the company is intended to license out the IP rights on Elenagen.

WeFund Health is enthused to partner and support the long-awaited clinical trials providing comprehensive non-clinical support including but not limited to IR, GR, PR, and general management advisory. The first visit of the WeFund Health’s leadership team to Belarus is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.


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