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Innovators listed on WeFund Health walk the walk. They’re up at dawn for investor meetings, on the phone pitching prospects during the day, networking at night, and grinding out code in the wee hours of the morning – then doing it all again chasing their dream. At WeFund Health, our core objective is to support the entrepreneurs reimagining and reinventing the future of health and wellness. As such, we are pleased to launch the “Innovator of the Month” blog series as a way to share these stories with a larger audience and highlight the ways that passionate entrepreneurs around the world are using technology to solve problems and drive impact in health.


Our first Innovator of the Month is Moshe Gaon, Founder of Alto – an Israeli startup aiming to help Americans with disabilities. Read about their impact-driven story below:


In the United States alone, there are nearly 57 million citizens living with a disability. While the effectiveness of our U.S healthcare system can be hotly debated, it is no secret that there are many resources and services available that cater to the needs of the disabled. However as some people like Moshe found out, these resources are scattered about and are not as well-connected to one another as they should be, often leaving people wondering how and where to find these services. This resulted in him traveling out of state, and even internationally, on multiple occasions to tend to his nephew, Erez.


To address this tremendous pain point, Moshe first launched Yoocan, the #1 empowerment site in the world in 2016. Yoocan works on a community of users – either those with disabilities themselves or their loved ones – that share their experiences on how to forge forward through challenges, where to access certain resources or what & who are the best treatment options for any type of disability. There’ve even been stories shared about quadriplegics encouraging other quadriplegics to go surfing and where they can find organizations that will make them specialty surfboards to accommodate them. Based on feedback, Moshe then launched Alto, the #1 disability community resource site in 2017 as a means to continue the success of Yoocan while also empowering patients to pursue their lifestyle choices as forcefully as they can by aggregating special access to discounted commercial products to improve quality of life. Alto uses artificial intelligence and community engagement to aggregate products that will improve the quality of life for the disabled population.


More recently, Alto has also become a resource for medical exploration and development for the most innovative assistive technologies in the world, thanks to Moshe and the financial backing of Yoocan Technologies. By curating a host of innovative products that caters to the disabled community, Yoocan Technologies works to help Alto users identify products and solutions that best meet their needs for almost any disability. For example, the OrCam MyEye is a technology showcased on Alto’s platform that caters to the visually impaired. The OrCam MyEye is a wearable eyeglass that holds a miniature smart camera capable of identifying, reading and interpreting all forms of visual information. This means that OrCam users will be able to have any or all visual information read to them so they can understand what they are looking at or who they are meeting, allowing users to better walk around obstacles or perform routine tasks as someone with 20/20 vision. As the total market size for similarly minded innovations specific to the disability community grows to over a few billion dollars, Alto will continue to find new products and innovations – long overlooked – that will forever transform the lives of the disabled.


WeFund Health is proud to support Alto in their mission to become the world’s Number One resource for improving the livelihoods of the disabled and their families.

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