FAQ for Investors

  1. Why use WeFund Health?

    WeFund Health is smart health investing made easier. As a investor on the platform, you benefit from free access to a wide array of healthcare dealflow, diversification, and information you can use to do better due diligence. Accessing high quality deals has proven to be costly, difficult, and time consuming. On WeFund Health, all deals undergo a proprietary curation process by our venture team and can be filtered by industry subcategory, deal size, deal round, deal type, and geography. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms match your investment criteria with deals relevant specifically to you, eliminating time wasted on searching, sourcing, and screening high quality investment opportunities.

  2. What makes WeFund Health different to other platforms?

    • WeFund Health is not a crowdfunding platform. We are a closed investment and marketing platform for healthcare innovations. That means that every investor, innovator, and dealflow partner on the platform undergoes a screening and curation process that ensures platform standards are met.
    • Our business is in algorithmically matching curated healthcare investment opportunities to a network of pre-qualified investors. Once the introduction is made, the deal-making and investment process is driven exclusively by the parties involved.
    • Our core business model is built on fixed listing fees. That means no warrants, no equity, no commissions, and no success fees.
    • Unlike any other investment platform, our focus is on the “gatekeepers” of healthcare innovation – incubators, accelerators, brokers, hospitals, and medical schools. We address the needs of these healthcare innovation hubs by giving them access to both new healthcare innovations and a global marketplace of pre-qualified investors.
    • Even if you don’t find the right deal for investment, analyzing the deals on the platform will allow you to uncover unique market trends and insights that can only help your business.
  3. What is an accredited investor?

    In order to view and invest in any of the companies listed on our site, users must provide specific information about themselves and specify which self-accreditation requirements they meet. Each investor must represent and warrant that he/she/it is an accredited investor. The term “accredited Investor” is defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission in Rule 506a of the Securities Act of 1933 as someone who meets one of the following requirements:

    • Have individual net worth, or joint net worth with your spouse exceeding $1 million
    • Have income exceeding $200,000 in each of the past 2 years and expect the same this year
    • Have income (with your spouse) exceeding $300,000 in each of the past 2 years and expect the same this year
    • Invest on behalf of a VC firm or other registered investment company
    • Invest on behalf of a business with $5 million in assets or in which all the equity owners are accredited
  4. What fees do I pay as an investor?


  5. How does the process work?

    • You must first create an account to register and certify that you are an Accredited Investor.
    • You will then be matched by our proprietary algorithm with investment opportunities that meet your unique criteria.
    • Once you identify investment opportunities that you are interested in, you will review the terms of the offering and conduct your own independent due diligence.
    • You will interact with the offering company (we call them “Innovators”) directly, using our platform communication tools.
    • Should you wish to proceed – upon completion of due diligence – you will negotiate directly with the Innovator, and drive the entire process to complete the transaction.
    • Innovators pay a fee to WeFund Health once they receive an investment through the introduction made by the platform.
  6. How much can I invest on WeFund Health? Is there a minimum and a maximum?

    The minimum and maximum investments for a given round are determined by the Innovator.

  7. I am not a U.S. resident. Can I use WeFund Health?


  8. How does WeFund get its dealflow?

    Our venture team actively sources dealflow in three distinct ways:

    • Referrals from dealflow partners, including venture capital funds, incubators, accelerators, angel groups, and universities.
    • Our venture team is dedicated to keeping a pulse on venture activity and establishing relationships with Innovators we have identified as trending.
    • Organic – Innovators that hear about WeFund Health through word of mouth and marketing efforts, apply directly online and pass a screening process.
  9. How should I conduct due diligence?

    You are responsible for conducting your own due diligence. When companies are fundraising, investors are highly encouraged to ask detailed questions and review corporate and financial documents in order to assess the risks and benefits associated with the investment. If you need assistance with this process, we will provide referrals to qualified professionals.

  10. How do I connect with Innovators?

    Investors may directly message Innovators through the platform by visiting their profile page. Investors may also connect with Innovators via in-person events organized by WeFund Health.

  11. Can I create and monitor my portfolio?

    Yes, you can select the deals you wish to monitor and add them to your portfolio. This includes deals you were matched with or are already in touch with, as well as the deals that you may find in our database on your own.

  12. Can I register deals that I represent as a broker or that I already have invested in?

    Yes. All healthcare deals are welcome to join the platform. Each deal will have to be registered under the Innovator profile (see section “For Innovators” below).

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