FAQ for Innovators

  1. Why should I create a WeFund Health profile?

    Simple, you’ll get broader and easier access to the investors and expertise you need to be successful. If you have just started fundraising, experienced investors looking to lead investment rounds will see you. If you’re well into your fundraising, you can amplify the effect of your off-line efforts by reaching a broader range of investors matched specifically to your deal. Innovators on the WeFund Health platform benefit from a thorough curation process by our scientific board and venture team, instant visibility to thousands of pre-qualified healthcare investors and innovations centers (incubators, accelerators) and participation at special events organized exclusively for platform members.

  2. What makes WeFund Health different to other platforms?

    • WeFund Health is not a crowdfunding platform. We are a closed investment and marketing platform for healthcare innovations. That means that every investor, innovator, and dealflow partner on the platform undergoes a screening and curation process that ensures platform standards are met.
    • Our business is in algorithmically matching curated healthcare investment opportunities to a network of pre-qualified investors. Once the introduction is made, the deal-making and investment process is driven exclusively by the parties involved.
    • Our core business model is built on fixed listing fees. That means no warrants, no equity, no commissions, and no success fees.
    • Unlike any other investment platform, our focus is on the “gatekeepers” of healthcare innovation – incubators, accelerators, brokers, hospitals, and medical schools. We address the needs of these healthcare innovation hubs by giving them access to both new healthcare innovations and a global marketplace of pre-qualified investors.
    • Face-time and dialogue with investors is priceless. Even if you don’t find the right investor for your deal, being open and responsive to investor feedback will ultimately help you hone down your pitch and the story that you tell.
  3. What criteria should I meet in order to be listed on WeFund Health?

    In order to pass our curation process you need to a) have a viable product, technology or service model in healthcare industry, and b) be an entity with a certain level of preparedness for interaction with investors. This includes proper incorporation under competent jurisdiction, quality team, reasonable valuation explanation and professional packaging for investment purposes.

  4. What type of capital can I raise on WeFund Health?

    Our job is to provide you with visibility, access, and dialogue with pre-qualified investors, healthtech experts, and institutions. Deal types vary by size, industry vertical, securities regulations (both US and international) and deal structure. The majority of companies listed on the WeFund Health platform raise capital either through preferred equity or convertible debt. We strongly advise that your deal structure and documents be vetted by a third party advisor to ensure regulatory compliance.

  5. How much does it cost to list my company?

    For a limited time there will be no upfront cost to list your company. There will be a $26,800 flat fee payable only upon receipt of your investment.

  6. How long does it take to raise funds?

    It depends on the type of investment, amount of investment, product stage, investor interest and other issues that may arise during the due diligence and negotiation process. The more prepared you are with the investor presentation, business plan and financial documents, the less time it will take you to get to the negotiations stage. WeFund Health will assess your level of preparedness and may refer you to third-party experts to help package your deal, if requested.

    WeFund Health makes it easier to source the right investors by maximizing your chances of finding the right fit. If you have never raised funds before, investors looking to lead rounds will be able to find you on WeFund Health. Once your fundraising activity gains traction, 3-6 months is a rough estimate to complete your investment round, but it depends on investor interest above all.

  7. What do I need to complete my application?

    You will need to provide information about you, your team, your company, your products and services and your market in order to open an account. It is advisable to also provide your investor presentation, executive summary, legal documents, financial statements, clinical data (if applicable), competition analysis and other pertinent information that would elevate investors’ interest in your deal and help them complete their own due diligence.

  8. How can I market my funding round?

    As you build and optimize your deal’s profile, we will work with you to help understand marketing best practices and how to best promote an online raise based on your company’s offering and particular needs. Your deal will be matched with qualified investors most likely to be interested in your company’s deal based on multiple criteria.

  9. Do I need a PPM for my fundraise?

    Under the Rule 506 exemption of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933, it is not required to create a private placement memorandum for a private securities offering. You should consult your own legal counsel, but at a minimum, a PPM has proven effective as an insurance-type expense used to thwart off frivolous claims from both investors and government regulators.

  10. Can I pay to be featured more prominently?

    No, we are an equal opportunity platform.

  11. How does the process work?

    Step 1: Open an account and accept the terms of the end user license agreement.

    Step 2: Submit your application by providing basic information about your company and the terms of your current fundraise. Then upload your pitch deck and financials.

    Step 3: Your account will be assigned to one our venture analyst who will complete our confirmatory process and will work with you to optimize your profile for investment.

    Step 4: We will get your deal in front of a rapidly growing investor base, recommending it to those investors who specifically selected unique criteria that match your deal profile.

    Step 5. Interested investors will contact you directly, and you will work with them on closing a transaction.

  12. What is the min/max I can raise?

    There is no minimum or maximum. You determine the amount to be raised in your sole discretion.

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