• Our mission is to transform the healthcare funding ecosystem by leveraging new technologies to create a smart marketplace, connecting the global investment community with health and wellness innovators

Investment Thesis

For decades, healthcare has been largely exempt from the rampant deployment of information technology that has disrupted other industries. U.S. healthcare in particular is a deeply flawed and wasteful system. However, the market has begun adapting at last as a transformation is sweeping through the system. Over the next 10 years, a paradigm shift is expected to transfer $1 trillion of annual healthcare spending to nimble players and disruptive business models. With the digital health market expected to reach 233.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2020 and 90,000 life sciences opportunities presented to investors in 2015 alone, there is significant marketplace demand.

At WeFund Health, we believe that “consumerization” – the direct adoption by consumers of innovative technological products and the enhanced interaction with healthcare professionals and patients – will drive the future of healthcare delivery. Innovation will be guided by the simple principles that collaboration leads to better treatment and that people should be empowered to make informed decisions about their health, independent of their health needs, location, or socio-economic status. The objective will be to lower healthcare costs, personalize and make effective diagnosis and treatment plans, and improve healthcare for every human being.

At the forefront of the transformation is the widespread adoption of new technologies, which promise to prolong lives and improve outcomes while reducing costs and broadening access. The creation of a robust marketplace to accelerate disruptive healthcare innovation is perhaps the greatest single business opportunity of our time, both for innovators and investors.

What we do

WeFund Health is a healthcare investment and marketing platform that intelligently matches healthcare investment opportunities with qualified investors and healthcare innovation centers across the world.

WeFund Health addresses a previously fragmented market of 640,000+ investment brokers, 120+ dedicated healthcare accelerators, 230+ hospitals and medical schools, healthcare innovation centers, and 6,000+ family offices, to connect them with curated healthcare investment opportunities and qualified investors. Our platform provides a transparent vehicle for deal assessment in a controlled environment, matching each investment opportunity to the right investor(s) globally.

WeFund Health provides:

  1. Investors on our platform benefit from professionally pre-screened deal flow, expert healthcare market validation, and offering materials presented on a secure and intuitive technology driven platform. Dealflow partners include prominent U.S. and international capital groups, advisory groups, accelerators, hospitals, family offices, and research institutions with access to game-changing healthcare companies seeking funding and strategic resources.
  2. Curated healthcare innovations can raise capital from thousands of pre-qualified investors and family offices matched specifically to their deal based on a multitude of factors, including deal size, deal round, deal type, geography, and industry subcategory. Innovators benefit from access to established networks of pre-qualified investors and family offices, ready access to industry leading advisory services and lower costs of capital.
  3. Investment brokers, incubators, accelerators, and bankers from around the globe can list investment opportunities on the platform and work with an investor database matched specifically to their deals. In addition, partners can increase their dealflow offerings by finding additional deals on the platform looking for investment, syndication, and strategic services.
  4. WeFund Health's conferences showcase cutting-edge innovations transforming the healthcare system, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and industry thought leaders for compelling demonstrations and one-on-one investment meetings in global health innovation hubs.
  5. WeFund Health gathers data on all activities and interactions that occur within the platform, both by individual users and interactions between users. By applying machine learning to this data, WeFund begins to “know” investors, innovators, brokers, and opportunities. Through this information, WeFund can begin to provide predictive insight to partners on not only the best matches for their needs, but provide guidance on best approaches for each partner to better drive success quickly.
  6. The WeFund Health extended affiliate network offers companies value-added services such as the development of business and marketing collateral, financial forecasts, legal reviews, audit reviews, and M&A advisory in order to optimize the opportunity for capital fundraising.

latest news

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“OncoTartis is the 2nd company listed on WeFund Health to successfully complete a financing round”

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About Us


The WeFund Health management team provides significant expertise and industry relationships that play an integral role in the Company’s strategic growth plan.

  • Givi Topchishvili

    Givi Topchishvili

    Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer

    Serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of market entry experience in Europe, Asia, and the US, bringing over 100 brands to the US market and contributing to the first IPO in the history of Russia. Author of multiple patents and books on marketing. Founder of 9.8 Group.

  • Michael DePalma

    Michael DePalma

    Managing Director, Digital Health & Innovations

    A scientist by education, a technologist by vocation; 17 years of executive level strategic, technical, and business development experience in Health, Healthtech, Digital Health, and Life Sciences; TED speaker, co-founder of The Human API, former editor of BrainfoodTV.com, co-author of “The Blockchain Effect.”

  • Robert Gordonoff

    Robert Gordonoff

    Managing Director, Investment Strategy

    20 years on Wall Street, 12 years at Goldman Sachs. Held various executive, management and advisory positions in the areas of Asset Management, Risk Management, Equity Derivatives and Research, Algorithmic Trading and Regulatory Compliance. MS from Columbia University and MBA from NYU Stern.

  • Alex Romanovich

    Alex Romanovich

    Managing Director, Partner & Channel Development

    Marketer and business developer with strong background in designing, deploying and managing marketing and client acquisition platforms, as well as business intelligence solutions for IBM, Bertelsmann AG, SGI, SAP, Lufthansa, JP Morgan Chase, American Express and others.

  • Algirdas J. Lukosevicius

    Algirdas J. Lukosevicius

    Managing Director, Life Sciences

    Dr. Lukosevicius is a life sciences and healthcare business professional with deep knowledge and an extensive international experience; former pharma executive at Merck, Pfizer, Yale New Haven Hospital and Ernst & Young.

  • Alex Topchishvili

    Alex Topchishvili

    Managing Director, Marketing

    Marketing, branding, and lead generation expert with a passion for leveraging technology and new regulations in the private securities markets to connect innovative companies with investors; Former CMO at PotBotics and Marketing Strategist at AdoTube.

  • Dmitry Grinberg

    Dmitry Grinberg

    Managing Director, Technology

    Software architect with 20+ years experience in product development, fintech, IT consulting, and funding portals for clients like McDonalds, Deutsche Bank, and Citibank.

  • Jane Vakhidova

    Jane Vakhidova

    Director, Strategic Initiatives

    Unique combination of experience across various industries in the USA and globally with over 15 years of experience in consulting, business development, project management and stakeholder management. EMBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and J.D. from Omsk State University.

Advisory Board

  • Richard Serbin, J.D.

    Chairman of the Board

    Global healthcare strategy advisor with over 40 years of service as FDA regulatory attorney and former VP of Corporate Development at Johnson & Johnson. Deep knowledge of international business. Extensive experience in serving on the Boards of Directors, transactional activities and advisory for governmental agencies in Brazil, Japan, Canada, and China.

  • Edward Rubin, J.D.

    Founder and President of RMA Venture Group, an advisory firm focusing on cross-border transactions among China and countries in North America, Europe, the former Soviet Union, and the Middle East; Former Founder and CEO of Rodman & Renshaw, a full-service investment bank with over 570 financings and US$14 billion raised while under Mr. Rubin's leadership.

  • German Kaplun, Ph.D.

    Partner at TMT Investments, a venture capital firm for the digital economy; Co-founder of RosBusinessConsulting, one of the largest Russian media groups in Russia; Co-Founder of Armada, top 5 largest Russian software companies. German is an M&A transactions and post-acquisition restructuring expert.

  • Yuri Mostovoy, Ph.D.

    Investment banker with 30+ years experience in international public and private business financing; Owner of Interval LLC, a company that develops advanced investment portfolio management systems; Chairman of the Board at TMT Investments

  • Haim Zitman

    Investment professional with 30+ years of experience and expertise in distressed M&A, enterprise crisis management and turnaround, debt restructuring and equity transactions. Mr. Zitman is a serial entrepreneur with extensive transactional experience on a global scale with a number of successful exits.

  • Len Harac, Ph.D.

    Strategic business advisor and mentor for startups and expanding companies, possessing a vast network of contacts in the New Jersey venture capital and entrepreneurial community. Mr. Harac brings deep knowledge of the healthcare industry and over 25 years of practical experience helping growing businesses both through strategy and implementation.

  • Andy Quinn

    Over 25 years of technology and healthcare education leadership experience. Co-founder of many cross-functional solutions and technologies addressing service gaps in healthcare, billing and compliance. In the past few years Andy has been CTO for Yingo Yango, and President of Broker Processing Service, he is also Chairman of NAFI, CT.

  • Ed Kanalosh, PhD, MD, MBA

    25 years of experience in investments, strategy consulting, commercialization, licensing and business development with the most recent assignments as a Partner in Life Sciences VC Fund Maxwell Biotech and Head of Investment Office of Skolkovo Foundation. Started career at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and then McKinsey. MBA from Harvard Business School.

  • Igor Shoifot

    Serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and consultant for startups, banks, venture capital firms, and Fortune 100 companies. Guest lecturer and adjunct professor at UC Berkeley, Stanford, and University of California San Francisco.

  • Garth Hollinger

    Entrepreneur and connector. Currently Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Consultant at Bionic. 15 years helping brands and agencies engage emerging technology and startups to drive commercial intelligence and innovation.

  • Alexander Shneider

    Founder and CEO of CureLab Oncology, Inc, co-founder and co-director of International Ph.D. Program in Life Science at University of Camerino, Italy, and Senior Research Fellow at University of Ariel, Israel. Author of multiple patents, books, and publications on topics ranging from business to biotechnology.

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